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84339 Unterdietfurt: Completion of underfloor heating house 4 and masonry work first floor house 2

New building project 84339 Unterdietfurt near Eggenfelden (district Rottal-Inn):

In the last weeks we could successfully complete the installation of the underfloor heating for house 4 & already start with the screed work. Furthermore, we were able to complete the interior plastering work at house 3 and also start with the installation of the underfloor heating (construction phase 1).

The extension of the underground parking to the driveway is almost completed. At house 2, the ground floor including partition walls was realized (construction phase 2).

Backfilling work on construction phase 2 has also already begun.

In the next few weeks, the screed work on house 4 will be completed and the drying period will begin. In addition, the remaining floors of house 2 will be bricked and the underground car park will be completed.


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