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84339 Unterdietfurt: Assembly of top slewing crane & completion of floor slab house 4

New building project 84339 Unterdietfurt near Eggenfelden (district Rottal-Inn):

In the last week we could successfully assemble the top slewing crane. This is needed for the large span of our new building project. Furthermore, the floor slab of house 4 was concreted (construction phase 1 - house 3 as well as house 4). Several tons of iron have already been used in the process. The next step will be the concrete work for the underground car park.

In order to be able to guarantee the traffic safety obligation (playground etc.) later, dead wood as well as dead, protruding branches were removed from the oaks on the north & east side before the earthworks began. The dense & healthy chain of oaks along our building site now shines again with a green wall of leaves in an idyllic atmosphere.


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