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84478 Waldkraiburg: Start of refurbishment 3 residential units

We are currently refurbishing 3 residential units with a total of 265 sqm of living space in 84478 Waldkraiburg. The following remediation measures will be carried out:

- Conversion of garages into high quality apartments

- Complete interior & exterior painting incl. roof painting

- Attic conversion

- Renewal of all floors & tiles

- Renewal of all interior doors

- Assembly of aluminum balcony

- Kitchen assembly in all residential units

- Renovation of the front door and landing

- New mailbox system

- New bell system

- Renewal of electrics incl. meter & meter cabinet

- New paving of car parking areas

- Renewal of terrace on ground floor

About the location Waldkraiburg:

Waldkraiburg is the largest town in the Upper Bavarian district of Mühldorf am Inn. With a population of around 25,000, Waldkraiburg is the second largest town in the planning region of southeastern Upper Bavaria after Rosenheim and one of 13 so-called efficient district municipalities in Bavaria. Waldkraiburg belongs to the Inn-Salzach tourism region.

Waldkraiburg is located in the Bavarian Alpine foothills, about ten kilometers southwest of the county seat of Mühldorf on the Munich-Salzburg and Landshut-Rosenheim axes.

The A94 toward Munich (from Marktl) has been completed since fall 2019. Thisvergünstigt and improves the infrastructural situation and transport connection to Munich very much. By car you need about 30 minutes drive to the eastern outskirts of Munich.


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