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94086 Bad Griesbach i. Rottal: Construction of floor slab for house 3 (construction phase 1)

After the earthworks for construction phase 1 were completed, we were able to start the master builder work this week. The first floor slab of house 3 has already been constructed. The floor slab of house 4 will follow in the next few days. Next week we will continue with the construction of the outer basement walls!

We attach great importance to energy efficiency and sustainability in order to ensure an environmentally friendly construction method. For this reason, the entire construction project will be built to the KfW QNG (Quality Seal for Sustainable Buildings) standard.

1️⃣ Tax savings with declining balance depreciation (over 51% of the total investment amount in 10 years): Degressive depreciation allows you to benefit from tax advantages and massively reduce your tax burden.

2️⃣ Very good rental price development: Bad Griesbach im Rottal is a popular town with a strong demand for living space. Rental prices are developing very positively here, allowing you to achieve a solid return on your investment.

3️⃣ Proximity to the A94 highway extension: The location of the apartment block near the A94 highway extension offers excellent access to the transportation network. This makes the property attractive for tenants and increases long-term value appreciation.

Project highlights:

- 120,000.00 euros KfW development loan with an interest rate of 1.89%

- Repayment grant of 6,000.00 euros per residential unit

- Special depreciation of 5%

- Degressive annual depreciation of 5% on full investment costs

- High rental price expectation

- Between Q2 2020 and Q1 2023, there was an average rent increase of 44% in Bad Griesbach i. Rottal

- Zugspitze, Watzmann & Großglockner in sight

- Fiber optics

Our aim is to create a home that meets your needs and wishes. Each unit will be designed with great attention to detail and equipped to a high standard.

We can't wait to give you more updates and insights into the construction progress soon. Stay tuned and don't miss any news about this exciting project!


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