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Global Investment residential block with 8 units - new construction project 94086 Bad Griesbach

Are you looking for a great investment opportunity? Then you should take a closer look at the global purchase of a residential block in 94086 Bad Griesbach!

Why is this investment so attractive? Here are some reasons:

1️⃣ Tax savings with declining balance depreciation (over 45% of the total investment amount in 10 years): With declining balance depreciation, you can benefit from tax advantages and massively reduce your tax burden.

2️⃣ Very good rental price development: Bad Griesbach im Rottal is a popular town with a strong demand for living space. Rental prices are developing very positively here, which allows you to earn a solid return on your investment.

3️⃣ Proximity to the A94 freeway extension: the location of the apartment block near the A94 freeway extension offers excellent access to the transport network. This makes the property attractive to tenants and increases long-term appreciation.

The construction is solid construction and meets all criteria of the current EnEV in KfW40 NH energy efficiency class. Thus, the construction is very energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. This has the consequence that due to the energy-efficient and high-quality construction their future running operating costs are kept very low.

The purchase of the apartments is therefore eligible for subsidies according to the KfW guidelines.

Due to the current best energy concept, you will receive a high-quality and energy-saving apartment. This is of course also very important for a rental.

We will be happy to create an individual and tailored to you investment & financing concept without obligation!

Here we show you without obligation the advantages that you can achieve through the KfW 40 NH standard, including:

- 120,000.00 Euro KfW subsidized loan with an interest rate of 0.59%.

- Repayment subsidy of 6.000,00 Euro

- Depreciation annually with 6% degressive on full investment costs

- Rental price expectation

- Location analysis incl. value development

- Between Q2 2020 and Q1 2023 there was an average rent increase of 44% in Bad Griesbach i. Rottal

- Zugspitze, Watzmann & Großglockner in sight

Start of construction: Q1 2024

Link to Global Investment: Link


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